About us

We - Lithuanian incumbents, who have decided to change the world. Yes, we believe in the future of a beautiful business, successful IT projects, happy customers, IT support optimized business decisions, big data, data collection, processing. Not only do we believe, but also we know how to do it in high-quality and customer-oriented language.


And what allows businesses to operate successfully in the market and increase the competitive advantage? Bingo, without doubts, you know the answer - innovation. What is innovation? Mostly, this is the IT-based solutions for business resources’ optimization and automation.


We - the individual decision-makers - or in the other words - the individual business decisions of designers. We like to make the world a more automated and more advanced. What others fail - we will do.


The core of the team consists of 3 geeks in our area: Martynas, Saulius and Sigita.


  •  Martynas: World-class ERP systems architect. Martynas optimizes business and business management processes, collects vast amounts of data, analyze them and create added value for the company. He develops systems and construct devices used in a daily work, in order to reduce the time of your life and escapes you from routine. Martynas is inquisitive and responsible. He is interested in your activities, so his tips and advices or offers solutions, are very sincere, best suited for you and prepared about factors in all the nuances of your business. Even if you do not comply with modern information technology to keep pace and bustle of one of the latest technology to another, invite Martynas for a cup of coffee and you'll hear - actually operating, time-tested and the company's profit indicators surpassing proposal.
  •  Saulius: a character who has contributed to the 5 award-winnings of Google in Lithuanian web agency in EMEA market. Saulius’ experience and strengths: strategic management, strategic marketing, leadership, sales management, change management, creative, 'out of the box "solutions." Business development, sales development, project management and IT integration solutions for business - this is the position where he can make consultations and provide the necessary assistance. Saulius hopes to help you and facilitate your "suffering" in business solutions design, customer care solutions in the design and automation.

  •  Sigita: sales and project management professional who can answer any questions you may have related to our company for the benefits and possibilities of this unique project or service to introduce you. Sigita’s experience in sales and customer support enables it to identify customers' expectations and problems and find appropriate solutions allowing to achieve maximum results.

So, do not hesitate - contact us - we are sure that you will love IT solutions and business management systems. Exclusively from the majority of IT companies - we work and speak your language.