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Our team works to make your business easier. Our developed IT solutions for business has the quality, speed, flexible approach to customer needs. We work so that our IT solutions will allow your business to grow, to be the innovative, help achieve higher results. Our developed IT solutions for business will help you to increase the company's profitability, sales automation processes. IT business solutions range of services is quite wide. We create, construct, design, program management business systems (ERP) for different businesses and their responses:

  • Universal management systems. Such systems thanks to jobs can be managed easily, quickly and safely. Universal control systems thanks to optimize the amount of jobs by automating processes, save companies’ cost. In order to ensure full client standardization, any clients can be integrated into a remote control. Universal system allows not only easy to have links with other business management systems, but also serve databases or even large data flows.
  • Customer relationship Management (CRM). High quality and functional CRM requires even the smallest business. CRM allows you to safely and easily have a complete customer database with specific comments, work history with clients, contacts, contact persons, or even a special statement, it is possible to have a profound access to data, its management and treatment. In this case, we provide IT solutions for business especially facilitates for the sales department work because CRM possession makes it easier and easier to connect with customers, to have full data on the customers, to know that they are safe, and the change of staff can easily allow the new employee to understand the whole communication with particular customer history and easily go into further contact. Undoubtedly, customer management system / CRM facilitates order acceptance and pricing of the discount system.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS). Such systems allow for item location and balances accuracy residue rate, the marginal increase in bandwidth, storage cost optimization, warehouse goods to speed order fulfilment accuracy and speed. Warehouse management systems are necessary solution for manufacturers, wholesale distribution centres, logistics centres, storage, logistics service providers, retailers.
  • Supply chain management (SCM). IT solutions for SCM thanks to facilitate business supply chain efficiencies, ensure the smooth progress of the business. SCM allows you to control the prices of products purchased, order quantity matches. Such systems are integrated automatically with suppliers. SCM also allows to optimize warehouse operations without the use of paper, reduce the number of false collections, improve trade, mail, and so on. Object tracking performance chain, providing storage solutions, enables mobile workers to work effectively with the warehouse management.
  • Production management system (PMS). GUI includes all the enterprise ongoing production processes. Such a system has interfaces with personnel management, CRM, databases, and other ERP systems. Production management system can be easily adapted to both large as a small company. GUI allows for maximum production efficiency, cost control, and process improvement. Typically, the production management system includes: resource planning, supply of raw materials control, manufacturing operations; process planning, mobile solutions, production orders. GUI system allows you to effectively automate the entire process of production and achieve maximum results. Production management system integrated with the machine or other machinery which interface thanks to optimized processes and facilitates the work.
  • Quality management system (QMS). Quality management systems - a production process quality care. Quality management system allows companies to not only guarantee the quality of the production process, but also to facilitate customer service well and will definitely retain customers. Quality management system allows: to ensure the management of non-conformities, preventive action organization, management systems, process measurement, occupational safety and health management, and most of the other factors to ensure the quality of service.
  • Personnel management system (HRMS). IT solutions for personnel management system allows, thanks to process, to enable all the information related to the organizational structure, employee files, employment contracts, recruitment, staff surveys, staff reports approval, work records, qualification tests and most of the other staff-related situations. Such management system facilitates the work of not only the personnel manager in large or medium-sized enterprises, but also speeds up business processes, ensure smooth data management and processing, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently manage employee files and data related to personnel management.
  • Business Process management systems (BMP). Document management is based on automated processes. Thanks to the system, users themselves can create, develop, coordinate or supplement the various company processes. Certain processes are carried out automatically, without user intervention, thereby facilitating the work: e.g. registration document from the system or e-mail, sending e-mail and so on.
  • Project Management Information System (PMIS). Such systems are designed for companies performing various design tasks. The most common construction, consultancy providing services, manufacturing companies and other companies involved in project management. Such a system makes it easy to create the project work plans and detailed budgets needed to ensure the plans. Systems can be used to coordinate the project workflow, resource use and ensuring the timely implementation of the project. Project management system allows the calculation of working hours performed or job costing, analyse the design of contracts and the many other factors that facilitate the design work.
  • Identity management system (IDMS). These systems automate access controls and user access rights to information systems management. Identity management systems can be solved thanks to the addition of data, use, management and protection issues, because each person has their own login data which, thanks to access to the specific queries and adjust and process-specific data.
  • Document Management System (DMS). We provide IT solutions for document management systems allowing you easily reconcile the various contracts and draft documents, store, archive, record, send documents. Such systems can help to centralize the necessary documents, contracts, projects, or other documented information. These systems support staff can easily edit, add, edit contracts, projects, other necessary information several times facilitates your use of staff time. Everything relating to documentation, information, projects, contracts - is likely to be automated is our IT solutions business document management system. Document Management System is the solutions for Contracts alignment, automatic collection of signatures and other related issues that are not easy processes.
  • Business Risk Management System (BRM). The risk management system is geared to external risk factors identified and calculated. The system allows you to monitor, classify, identify risks and address risk reduction situations. IT solutions risk management systems support allows to optimize and facilitate various business risk management in minimizing risk and ensuring causes.
  • Business Intelligence (BI). Such systems allow to process and analyse data, perform statistical sections which allows to model the company's management, development, sales effectiveness, and other important business indicators. IT Solutions for Business allows you to create different levels of complexity of your business systems to facilitate efficient work and development. Business intelligence system mainly designed for business owners, Holding companies. Thanks to them more easily are visible variety of financial indicators.
  • Intranet. Intranet - is a company's internal activities, employee communication channel "online", which enables faster and more convenient to achieve the required results. Thanks to it, employees can know about each other, about a number of changes, holidays, communicate more with each other. Intranet facilitates not only internal communication, but also the employees' willingness to work, greater involvement in the organizational culture.
  • Content Management System (CMS). Content management system allows you to manage and process the data. Such systems can be used to digitize the data, easily identifiable Digital resources from a variety of different text files. Content management systems can be used to connect to a specific e-mail, automated scan data and present them in a systematic manner. Content management system allows you to manage Internet and digital content, if necessary, to integrate. Specified for content management systems can be developed and WEB platforms depending on customer preferences and situation. Multilingualism, personalization - it's just a few extra features enable content management systems to facilitate your work.
  • Finance Management System (FMS). Finance management systems ensure the efficient flow of information and timely coordination. We develop financial management systems to ensure fast and increases data analysis capabilities. Decisions are applicable in the European Union (EU) accounting requirements. Financial management systems are easily integrated and linked with other financial systems: e-Bank (E-bank) payment system and so on. Such systems have unlimited possibilities for further development according to the specific needs and market situation. We develop IT solutions for business that ensures high efficiency of financial management systems, which are easy to understand and user friendly to the environment.
  • Database Management System (DBMS). DBMS performs the user interface with a database function. In other words, thanks to data base management systems, you easily can see friendly and easily understandable the data processes or extracts. These systems ensure data security, efficient queries of the database implementation. Business database management system is a vital tool in enabling successful management of databases available data, process them, and submit queries by business purpose. IT solutions for business that we create, is a database management system allowing to achieve maximum business objectives and be leaders.


We, also, provide BIG DATE (big data) solutions for business: conduct data collection (data collection) service, data analysis and processing. Engaged in the business automation solutions development, we provide programming services for business optimization, and automation, providing IOT IT solutions for businesses.



We are constructing unique solutions for business, so if you have a business - we know how to help you make your business achieve maximum results and growth. We're talking a language you understand.