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Automation - organizational processes or devices, full or partial transformation of software and hardware thanks to the automatic mode, minimizing human work, increasing productivity, and avoiding the slow process and human errors. Industrial process automation, access control and other automation, industrial automation, industrial automation solutions and automation installations - all of this work we are doing that businesses results could become more effective.


Automation is applied to the following cases:

• Production equipment (machine) automation with a help of software support;

• Production facilities management automation systems and interfaces with ERP systems;

• Data scanning and transfer of modern technologies (GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi and so on.)

• Other manufacturing process management;

• Automatic Programming.


Automation ensures a modern, stable, based on the latest technologies in production management. Automation result is a manufacturing and industrial clients operating in speed and efficiency, which allows you to save money on manufacturing processes and maintenance work.


Automation is a complementary of programming and technical facilities. Both programming and microcontrollers are an integral part of the automation components. IOT - is the data collection of smart devices support. Programming - is a software-writing, application development to automate work processes.


We develop business management system, IOT solutions, programming, big data: the collection, processing, process automation allows companies to achieve better results. Combining these derivatives into a single whole with solutions allowing companies to not only save, but also to become advanced in their technology, which ensures the long-term development of enterprises and competitive advantage in the market.



Contact us and we will make you a complete analysis of the situation, identify the need and offer you the most suitable for your automation solutions. Our global experience work with companies allows us to guarantee the quality of our services and competitive advantage in the market.