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Automation solutions

We offer automation solutions, which enable companies to automate processes. The possible automation solutions allowing to automate processes and speed up the work of companies, increase productivity, save investment needs, and make more money:

• Production equipment, machine tools automation solutions;

• Production facilities management systems automation solutions;

• Technological process automation solutions;

• Industrial process automation solutions;

• Supply chain process automation solutions;

• Identity management automation solutions;

• Warehouse management system automation solutions;

• Warehouse automation solutions;

• Other automation solutions, which automate the manufacturing industry, business processes, their parts or systems.

Automation solutions result is a modern, stable, based on technologies in production, technology, industrial management.


Embracing automation solutions, we offer the following services:

• Consultation, current situation analysis;

• Software analysis and solutions proposals;

• Software, allowing to automate the creation of solutions to technical specifications;

• Software conforming to the customer's business situation and the expectations of the development, programming;

• Software and other solutions to automate the merging decisions;

• Further maintenance, servicing, maintenance, development.

Automation solutions due to the company can:

• Increase the production capacity to 50%;

• optimize the manufacturing process to 60%;

• Saving production operating costs up to 80%;

• Reduce labor costs by up to 60%.


If necessary, automation solutions are combined with the IOT decisions, Big Data, data collection and data analysis solutions. IOT allows us to collect data for smart devices from different sources in real time. The following data is processed and automatic solutions are created to enable or disable the manufacturing processes. Such a technological system allows efficient use of the technological advantages of automation solutions.


If you are working in industry of manufacturing, agriculture and other areas where automation solutions are needed - do not hesitate - contact us. Our experience in the automation of business and technology solutions is huge. We can offer you a very large range of different solutions, which will enable you to achieve better results and earn more profit. In modern times, technology automation solutions is no longer an innovation, but "hygienic factor" - in other words, needed to achieve better results and be among the leaders. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare, and deploy programmes in such a way that you appreciate our solutions and you will feel the benefits and competitive advantage. We do and speak in your language.