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Big data

Big data - is a term that describes all: structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Big Data is characterized as 3V model: Volume, velocity (speed), Variety (different information).


Volume. The amount of data which is collected and processed by various technologies. The more data can be processed by technology, the more they are in advantage compared with other big date technology.


Speed. It is an expression of the speed which the big data are supplied for the systems in their treatment.


Different information. It could be documents, audio, video files and other visual information. All such information is classified in Big Data type.


Big data may be submitted and processed as real and as unreal timing. In real-time case Big data is processed exactly at the current time, as soon as they arrive. In unreal time, the data is collected and processed in the past, and at certain times. Real-time big data processing date is a much more expensive option because it requires bulk of technological resources, and often self-evaluate company's financial capabilities and the need for real-time big data acquisition date. In unreal time case, it is important to evaluate how much data can be delayed so that they would still be suitable for the treatment and does not distort answers or definitive conclusions. In all the big data retrieval times, we advise individual companies, what the data is required and what are the advantages and disadvantages.


Real-time big data offers the following advantages:

• Monitor the information here and now and get some instant conclusions;

• Monitor social media (social networks) for marketing purposes;

• Change in number of steps depending on the frequency, time, and so on.


Real-time big data must be processed with less delay time.

Big data must be processed at a constant speed, even when the amounts of data change. Well, certainly big data has the ability to process both structured and unstructured data. Ideally, it is needed to keep the big data form of integrity, because it can be faster and less investment to achieve the required results.


In most cases, the big data can be found in business management (ERP) systems which processes them and carry out the next steps. So, the big data and ERP systems are closely related and the development of systems is worth complete reflection design solution, that would allow to become a much more successful in developing business processes and optimize solutions.



Running a business where the data are processed or planning a business? Contact us and we will advise and offer big data processing projects specialized just for you. We have several years of experience in the big data systems which enable the creation of collection and processing of data, and the various possible solutions to facilitate your business processes and big data processing.