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Data analysis

Analysis of the data - the data validation, selection, cleaning, transforming, modelling process, with the aim of discovering useful information to make conclusions and proposals to make the right decisions. Data analysis allows to analyse both small and large data. The main purpose of data analysis - to find useful business direction which allows to grow profits, sales and shows a variety of financial indicators, etc.


Data analysis process consists of the following:

• Data collection. Data analysis requires "data collection". Data can be collected in different ways depending on the needs and current situation. In some cases, it is possible to process secondary data. If necessary, it can carry not only data but the analysis and data collection.

• Data processing. To be able to analyse the data they need to be treated. Computer systems process data formats required and systematically transmits data cleaning.

• Data cleaning. Often the data may have many duplicates, be inaccurate, have a rough character. All such errors in the data arrangement needs of data cleansing aid. This data is accurate, clear, structured, and they can transmit data analysis unit.

• Exploratory Data Analysis. When the data is sorted out you can perform exploratory data analysis.

• Modelling and Algorithms. The data analysis phase allows to choose the right data analysis methods which help process the data on the finished product.

• Data product. This data analysis process - is a computer application that takes the least arrangement of data and processing the them - provide the answers.

• Data communication. The data processing and analysis are left to provide consumers with whom the data needed. Data can be presented in various forms, for example: tables, graphs, various visual decisions support.


This whole process allows companies to have high-quality data analysis processing and to carry out further business processes as data analysis thanks to the results allow to evaluate various aspects of current and potential situation and make some predictions.


Precise data analysis, suggestions and predictions due to the company achieves better results. Here are some facts:

• Increased corporate profits;

• Increased sales conversion;

• Increased marketing return on investment (ROI);

• Increased customer loyalty;

• Reduces the cost of doing business;

• Increased competitive advantage.



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