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Data collection - is an automated computer functions, enabling data collection and processing systems. Data collection is a system which allows the collection and measurement of a variety of sources in order to get a complete and accurate picture of a given situation. Data Collection enables the person or organization to answer a variety of questions to assess the results and to make predictions about future probabilities and trends. Accurate data collection is essential in order to maintain a high level of research integrity, based on business decisions and ensure quality. Thanks to Data collection services, we can collect data for market research, financial data, customer data, weather data, and any other data required by our client or through which we can carry out further actions.


Market research data collection service can perform the following ways:

• Collect data from respondents who in "online way" fills in certain forms. After filling the questionnaire data are systematized and processed;

• Collect data by SMS;

• Collect data from social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus;

• Collect data through smart devices;

• Collect data from various online sources;

• Collect data "offline" by transferring them to digital devices.


The Data Collection is created by using dedicated air data microcontrollers (IOT). They are used to collect and process data of smart technology and equipment through: e.g. collection of air, humidity, temperature data greenhouses and transfer them to the ERP system which processes them.


Speaking about the financial "data collection", the data can be collected in various systems of assistance and processed further. Data collection and processing takes place in real time.


For example, in the retail trade, data can be collected from the mobile applications, website visitors, loyalty programs, and online surveys. Thanks to all this - we can easily make various estimates and assumptions about the company's customer-specific interests, needs, product links, and this is where the business should continue to move in order to gain more potential customers.


Often the data collection never goes without a big data. Big data is generally considered to be a large-scale organizations collected or collected structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. As with standard methods, the data processing takes a lot of time and cost, we use the latest technology to facilitate the big data processing. This is „Data lake “. From there, a special program data can easily pick up and process the appropriate format, quickly and efficiently.


As we know, the data is qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative data are various statistics, percentages and so on. Qualitative data is descriptive elements: colour, odour, appearance, quality parameters.


To have more information and better quality conclusions and forecasts, in some cases companies use not only quantitative and qualitative data, but also secondary data. Secondary data usually includes quantitative data segment. Often, these data have been collected by other systems for other purposes, but for data compliance, and usability - are used for the existing situation.


As technology improves, improves and data collection method. The current possibilities of mobile technology and IOT market allows, but also forces, companies to think differently: how to collect, analyse and get the data to generate a profit. So, in this situation we appear. We have a lot of experience in a variety of business system development, the big data for data collection, IOT decisions.



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