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Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) - a certain software, or even certain set of related programs, which customers use for their business management and digital content creation. Content Management System (CMS) is usually used for corporate content management or site content management. In other words, content management systems (CMS) can be described as a variety of software tools that we create in order that you, our customers, could easier handle and work with information systems content. And it does not require special programming knowledge.


We could distinguish several major content management systems (CMS) types:

• Web content management system (Web CMS) - with this system the customer can use automated content creation, management and distribution functions;

• Transactional content management system (TCMS) - is customer support, working with e-commerce, these systems help the company control of e-commerce transactions to manage information;

• Corporate Content Management System (CCMS) - this is usually a mixed system, tailored to each organization according to the needs of the necessary functionality, which helps in everyday work execution;

• Integrated content management system (ICMS) - a system which is connected to the database system and helps customers easily manage information;


In terms of content management systems (CMS) basic features can be identified very differently, depending on what kind of system does the client need. However, the base - can always be distinguished as indexing, retrieval, format management, revision control and publishing. In order to better understand, we briefly describe each of them. Indexing - intuitive indexing, search feature that indexes all the data in order to be able to easily find them, reach through search functions, allowing you, as a consumer, search by attributes (for example, date, author, keywords). Aspect customer management facilitates the scanned paper documents or electronic legal documents to convert to PDF or HTML formats. Views (inspection) functions allows you to update content that has already been published, revise and control monitors and records or changes that are made. Publishing feature allows customers using certain tools to create and manage their own content.


Continuing on the other popular features, in which customers pay attention to selecting a content management system (CMS) for your business, there can be pointed out more. In particular, it is important that the content management system (CMS) should have SEO (search engine optimization) friendly URLs. The integrated and 'online' assistance also incorporates the possibility of discussion. It is also important for some to permit creation and categorization, full template support and the ability to change the administrator control panel with an optional language support, some server eligibility, content hierarchy with unlimited size. Of course, it is possible to name many more, but, as already mentioned, each of the content management system (CMS) is adjusted for each client individually as needed.



So, in this smart technology era, whether higher or lower body, each of them will have a certain digital content, the management, control and development can help us, creating exactly you need a content management system(CMS). The main aim would be to ensure the smooth operation of all users of our work. Contact us and we will answer your questions and offer unique content management system (CMS) solutions specifically tailored to your business and needs.