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Document Management System (DMS)

What is document management? This term is most commonly associated with the document management system (DMS) concept that is being developed by companies in order to make easier to archive, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images obtained by scanning the paper of one kind or another version of the document. In short, the document management system (DMS) is about exactly how your company is able to more effectively archive, manage and track your electronic documents. Using the documents we can store all the accumulated materials used by the development, distribution and other complementary objectives of the company during the course of the operation.


In the light of today's smart technology capabilities, document management system (DMS) can easily be defined as software that helps monitor and organize the documentation available throughout the organization. Document management system (DMS) was one of the precursors of content management technology and based on the trend of the times, document management system (DMS) allows you to have the basic functionality of your existing document management and control. You get the opportunity, if necessary, certain files or documents comfortably use them here and now.


In order to be more understandable, we can highlight some of the key functions that you give your particular company individually designed document management system (DMS):

• Automation of signing the documen. This function makes it easier to collect the necessary signatures between the various departments to create different levels.

• Document storage and preservation, lockdown, in order to work with it for one person and the changes, those changes do not mislead the other person;

• Reach control;

• Different versions of the document control - this function allows you to see previous versions of the document and how it differs from others;

• Audit tracking - an opportunity to see the document adjustments throughout the period of stay and so on.


Of course, keep in mind the fact tha in this information technology era, we need to work with large amounts of information and to handle it and it's not just text, but also a lot of media type information, photos, audio clips and more. Therefore, it appears not a priority as far as we have information, but as we are able to control. Document management system (DMS) can be easily integrated with other Microsoft document preparation packages (MS Word, MS Excel, etc.).



So, in order to reduce the time, costs and improve efficiency, the majority of companies in their daily business requires document management systems (DMS). Every day we reached inormous amount of information and it becomes important not only to get it, which often takes place very superficial, but it is available and take advantage of, if necessary. In order to fulfill this wish, we are - a team that can individually advice, answer your questions and fulfill the expectations to have their unique document management system (DMS), which will certainly help easier and more conveniently work with the incoming information.