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Financial Management System (FMS)

The financial management system (FMS) allows to effectively manage the flow of information. The financial management system allows extremely fast data analysis and better adapt to changing market conditions. The financial management system (FMS) solutions for application suits all European Union accounting requirements, and even they can easily exchange the system, adjusted and supplemented. The financial management system (FMS) constructed on the basis of financial and business management software Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The financial management system (FMS) easily linked with other business information systems and work as one of the other plug-ins. Our main work is performed - advice new financial management system (FMS) of selection issues and financial management system (FMS) Integration with other ERP modules. Financial management systems (FMS) we recommend when:

• If you want all the time to analyse data from different angles and get easily understandable results;

• If you want to achieve better results in the future;

• If you want to be one step ahead in the competitive business development.


Key features enable efficient use of financial management systems (FMS):


• Flexible budgeting, corrections, additions, verification;

• Company accounting departments of management and control;

• Implementation of the budget, accounting, control;

• Multi-analysis of the data, the interpretation of data;

• Convenient and easy preparation of financial statements and transfer;

• Integration into other accounts in payment systems;

• Financial management system (FMS) an ideal solution for the financial management of these functions: financial reporting, the closure of the financial year, the payments made by the information other ledger extracts;

• Financial management system covers the following areas: budget management, report management, accounting, personnel management, payment management, financial management.

• Unlimited possibilities to develop the exchange of user needs.



Contact us and we will discuss all the possibilities and your needs. We are confident that our solutions proposed financial management system (FMS) issues will allow your company to facilitate financial accounting capabilities and business development. Appropriate financial management system (FMS) - an important cornerstone of allowing businesses to systematically exploit the finances and accounting. Please note that our selected financial management system (FMS) in each case can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer and the market situation, so choose us - you'll be sure to get not the template option, but you and your business needs customized financial management system (FMS).