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Identity Management System (IDMS)

Identity management system (IDMS) - it is a business management system, which allows a digitized way to identify the identity and thanks to that, allows a person to carry out his assigned tasks, read his works performed data or data relating to the delegated functions. Identity management system (IDMS) can be simply digitized access cards for identification of the person's entry and exit into work time. However, the identity management system (IDMS) can be much more widely used enterprise management system. For example, identity management system (IDMS) can not only capture human arrival time to work, but also the deviations from the requirements. Let's say the company faces the problem that some employees may come to work drunk. As a result, the identity management system (IDMS) can prevent employee access to the workplace if he blew into the special breath tool and this is identified as a violation of this requirement. Automatically such a worker would be systematically recorded in identity management system that registered in the employee's file. It is the company’s chance to avoid unnecessary costs for business, or even damaging consequences.


Identity management system (IDMS) can also be used for electronic connections to the system. In such cases, it is a special sign-in and user-specific identification card system. Thanks to them, the user can perform certain functions or tasks when logged on to the system. The system identifies the user's behaviour and actions which he performed.


Identity management system (IDMS) can be developed and fingerprints help. Such systems are more expensive, but more reliable as fingerprints identification systems is one of the safest methods of user identification. Requiring high-security cases, it may be used for iris scanning which is connected to VIN tool to identity management systems.


Identity management system (IDMS) can be installed and operate successfully in a number of manufacturing, service companies which need a certain level of identity identification, verification or data interface. If you are reading this description, this is the first step that you need identity management system (IDMS).


Contact us and we will make your company's analysis of the situation, offer the best solutions, which will enable your company to successfully automate your employee identification identity management system (IDMS).