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What is Intranet? Intranet allows faster and more convenient access to internal company information. Intranet allows you to inform employees about the various changes, marked employee birthdays, transmit greetings to workers on various occasions. And where are the various other motivational tools such as best employee elections, polls, surveys, or just daily, weekly, monthly top employees naming all persons working in the business? After all, this is an incentive to achieve more. And to be so little - just intranet. Intranet and facilitates communication options as possible to implement internal "chat" - so your employees may even spend less time on social networks, they often go to social networks to exchange information with some "chat" support. Chat allows you to create separate groups themselves to participants with limited groups access opportunities for persons who do not have rights.


Intranet allows use of the following additional features to facilitate the work:

• Idea generation and delivery;

• Employee employment schedules;

• Employee projects;

• TOP workers;

• TOP projects;

• New employees;

• Retiring from the company's employees;

• Birthday calendar;

• Company purchases, upcoming events;

• Employee surveys;

• Advertising allowing to share information among employees;

• Company news;

• Debate;

• Day quotes;

• The organizational structure of the company;

• Contact employee data by department;

• Other information facilitating the company's internal communication.


As you already understand or know from previous, intranet does the main function for internal company communication. Thanks to it, employees can know about each other, about a number of changes, holidays, communicate more with each other. Intranet facilitates not only internal communication, but also the employees' willingness to work, greater involvement in the organizational culture.



Contact us and we will offer you the most suitable intranet version which will carry out all the necessary functional elements that your company's employees would be maximally involved in the company's activities, be aware of all the company processes, changes or updates. Do not forget that large companies often lack the communication and it needs so little, just functionally active intranet.