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Production Management System (PMS)

Production Management System (PMS) helps to optimize the company's manufacturing processes and production. Production Management Systems (PMS) are designed for manufacturing companies that seek higher production efficiency results. Production Management System (PMS) allows control of production cost, terms, sales of products. Production Management System (PMS) allows the calculation of the reserve balances either automatically or manually. It allows the development of new products according to the customer's wishes, to adjust the existing production elements to adapt to the volume of orders, terms. Production Management System (PMS) has the main advantages of allowing companies to achieve better results:

• Automatic or semi-automatic inventory planning. It allows you to plan production costs and balances. Production Management System (PMS) calculates the actual material and manufacturing costs of inputs in the production.

• Barcode deployment of production;

• The ability to use both the mass-bit and unit of production optimization. The ability to link production resources and production costs;

• Production time management and control;

• The raw materials (inventory) effective management control;

• The ability to use different included in production;

• Flexible integration (interface) with other ERP systems (CRM, supply chain management system, the BI management system and so on.)

• The ability to plan purchases for each product separately;

• The ability to make purchases and balances by providing plans;

• Suppliers of raw material supply management;

• Financial suppliers balance control;

• Other procurement planning;

• Other solutions enabling the optimization of production processes and production performance.


Production Management Systems (PMS) typically include all production within the company process optimization and management. Production Management System (PMS) consists of the following elements: production orders, resource planning, supply of raw materials, manufacturing operations, mobile solutions, manufacturing process planning, manufacturing execution. We develop the Production Management System (PMS) enables you to:

• Optimize production business processes up to 60%;

• Increase the company's performance by up to 50%;

• Save operating costs up to 80%;

• Shorten the time of production up to 50%;

• Reduce labour costs by up to 60%.



If you are involved in production or planning to engage in the production of contact with us - we will offer exactly your activity and your processes adapted to the Production Management System (PMS) unique solutions that will allow you to ensure efficient production processes. We are confident that working with us and our Production Management System (PMS) for your production processes will allow you not only to optimize production processes, but also increase the company's productivity and profitability.