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Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS)

Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) enables real-time visibility and ensures warehouse balances, supplies precise location, optimizes the location of the warehouse, responds to customer orders in real time, ensures orders fulfilment accuracy and speed, efficiently coordinates staff activities. Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) allows to coordinate and keep track of every transaction or item (goods) from the time when the goods are taken to the warehouse, placing stock, the exact product residue levels, the required amount of replenishment, order accomplishment and presentation and brand transmission / transfer client.


To install the warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) firstly it is needed to identify and discuss with the client the client's current situation, the next few years, the strategic plans. All this allows us to offer optimal solutions which help to achieve high performance.


We offer warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) solutions suitable for both large businesses and small and medium-sized businesses. Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS), which, instead of rolling out of other developed is created, we know, how to meet the customer's processes so that warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) would work.


Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) developing and implementing takes from a few to several months, depending on the order demand. Again, the final amount of time it takes to create such a system is identified when performed some analysis of the situation is clear and the customer's expectations and the market situation.


Once installed, warehouse management (storage) system (WMS), depending on the current situation, helps to achieve much higher results than before.

• Warehouse products accuracy of 99%;

• Warehouse personnel efficiency increase to 40%;

• More efficient use of warehouse space by 30%;

• Other indicators: up to 50%

In each case, the numbers are different from the company's existing situation and realistic estimates. However, we can ensure that the overall efficiency is over 25%.


Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) addresses other customer concerns of: accelerating the access of products to the warehouse, increasing the warehouse turns, reduces losses warehouse located so long goods, increases warehouse staff efficiency, speed up order processing, which automatically improves customer service and customer satisfaction indicators, well and certainly increases the overall efficiency of warehouse work, allows the company successfully optimized to save costs.


With warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) inventory less often than usual, the inventory will be streamlined, it will take less and require less human resources. Warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) improves logistics, customer relations, operational costs, personnel management, accounting documents. All this thanks to the warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) allows companies to save a lot of money which sometimes requires that the business could successfully operate and grow.



If you are here and reading this article - it is already the first sign that you need a warehouse management (storage) system. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you the most possible targeted solutions allowing to ensure your company's operational efficiency, efficient storage utilization, happier customers and a lot of other features. We are confident that our experience and our developed unique warehouse management (storage) system (WMS) will allow you to achieve more in your business.