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Case study #1

Case study #1


Car parts trading company


The client sells car parts. Each day new details are included in the income list to the warehouse and the existing stock is collected for sale. The client is not satisfied with the time during which the new parts are included in their income list.

What has been done

The evaluation of the client's business processes and the identification of the slowest steps, the customer was offered PDAs with barcode scanners installing warehouse processes. The introduction of PDAs - automotive parts inclusion time shortened x4 times.
With installed PDA’s client has received additional functionality. Warehouse workers with PDAs can get all the latest information about any detail of the stock. Parts are transferred from one place to another in real time, and the transfer of registered warehouse system right away, so the disappearance of goods decreased to a minimum. The inventory was carried x2 times faster and requires less human resources. Inventory results can be seen instantly without any additional pauses. The data contained in the information storage system match reality in storage components and increased by 95%. It provides real-time integration solutions between PDAs and existing information warehouse management system.


Today, all the usual warehouse staff operations are carried out with PDAs, and work is unimaginable without them.