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Case study #2

Case study #2


Worldwide company, conducting market research


The company carries out market studies in the medical field, globally. The company uses the poll to gather data collection platform VOXCO. In other business processes to work with the information and its processing, standard Microsoft packages are used - Excel, Word, Outlook, and Exchange server. Sometimes they use hand-write paper data which intervals are entered into Excel tables.
Company processes are inefficient. Dissemination of information and data exchange between the staff obviously takes too long, resulting in a delay to answer customer inquiries. Each business process requires a large number of people inevitably lug significant errors that reduces workers' loyalty to the company and the quality of customer trust.

What has been done

We organized the company's internal business processes - automated interviewers time and results accounting, the timely performance of work, respondents responsiveness and performance indicators and reports.
We designed respondents’ database and automated direct respondents distribution studies by project managers of the criteria. We created a learning management tools and study reports on the results.
Automated compensation for the respondents correctly and fully performed studies collection. We also automated payments for respondents in several forms. Respondents received compensation almost immediately. It has been completely reduced the number of false disbursements and dismantle the potential for fraud.
We introduced CRM module, which registered customer inquiries, which automatically calculated possible rates and discounts according to the study criteria. Customer in an easily understandable form bid can get response to queries. We automated study the creation of the query, if the client agrees to perform them.
Fully automated invoicing. Payment juxtaposition. Real-time study profitability indicators presentation and commission calculation. All financial information in Navision closely integrated with the company's business processes.
Create study planning tools, external suppliers and resources for the needs of their management tools. Supplier performance and time accounting.
Installation of common tools - intranet, translation library. Created a separate study modules for developers to facilitate the study of programming.


Continuous business process optimization using information technologies to ensure considerable growth of the company, even in a critical period. At the moment, they are a global company with at least ten regional offices. Thanks to a maximum of automated business processes and total cost reduction, company managed to become leaders in their niches without additional cash injections.