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Case study #3

Case study #3


The company, which provides leasing services (SCANIA FINANS AKTIEBOLAG Lithuanian branch)


Foreign capital firm that provides financing services to provide data on all loans issued to creditors and liabilities owed to the Bank of Lithuania. The company uses its own corporate governance system of leasing contracts and exercise. It was required to integrate internal company’s system to the Lithuanian Bank Loan Risk Database (PRDB).

What has been done

We analyzed the Lithuanian Bank’s PRDB system for transmission and presented the necessary data transfer volume.
Together with the company's internal systems engineers, we developed the plan, as the data necessary to take and what is responsible for the preparation of the transfer.
Developed and delivered the data exchange between the two systems plan.
Programmed and tested two-way data exchange channel between the two systems. Tested in test environments and transferred to the customer to install a private setting.
Ongoing maintenance ensures continuous data timeliness and correctness.


Foreign capital company has been able to adapt to the Lithuanian authorities requirements and provide all the data required by the Bank of Lithuania from its internal system without changing it. Attracting local professional enterprise integration projects implemented much faster and less resources, than it would have been able to carry out its engineers.