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Technology used

We - Microsoft technology experts - exclusively use the latest technology - proposed by their leaders in the field.


Business management solution uses the C # programming language we use to create user interfaces and server. User interface implement solutions using intuitive and user-friendly Windows desktop applications or Web applications.


Our solutions use the Microsoft program introduced the .NET platform components.

To create Windows desktop applications, supported .NET components, we offer two models - WinForms and WPF. Carefully analyze our customer's expectations and needs and propose the best suitable model. Web applications use ASP.NET to create a model with modern JavaScript libraries - node, jQuery and others.


Server part realization use .NET components and database management system - SQL Server. Widely applying data base management systems proposed options so - refused a three-level architecture - business processes can maximize transfer to the database as a fast and efficient operation of the system data.


Our solutions are distinguished by optimum use of resources and high performance. Users receive data immediately - without any pauses.


Modern solutions are integrated with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server or SharePoint. Instant data exchange between systems or Word integration into the user interface ensures the smooth work of employees and no longer deprive the data transfer between the systems or the interim preservation of documents on your computer and follow the upload to other systems.


We are the information technology company, offering not only information dissemination and management products, but also technological solutions, realized the latest micro controllers - Arduino, Raspberry. Our devices are designed for customers collect relevant data, codifies them and make decisions based on or turn off customers' existing third-party software.


In this golden age of science, mankind in information technology is advanced very far, so it is important to have a real added value from the information systems necessary expert advice.



Appoint us an hour meeting and we will offer the best technologies to improve the productivity of your business! We speak your language.